Marshall Opera Oral History Project Concert - Marshall Opera

Marshall Opera Oral History Project Concert

April 27, 2 pm
New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

Bruno Walter Auditorium

Lincoln Center
New York, NY

Please join us for this historic event. Curated works from the twelve distinguished composers participating in our inaugural season oral history project will be presented by the same young artists who interviewed them.

The program is free and open to all, but registration is requested as registered guests are given priority entrance 15 to 30 minutes before start time. If you do not register, it is still possible to attend the concert, space permitting, as a stand-by line will form beginning at 1:45 pm. At 2:25 pm, all unoccupied seats are released, regardless of registration.

If you arrive after the program begins, you will be seated at the discretion of the front-of-house staff. To register, please visit the event page found here.


L’archet by Isabelle Aboulker
Blerta Zhegu, Soprano

Miranda’s Prayer- O Sweet Jesus from Blake by Leslie Adams
Cherissia Williams, Soprano

Sharon’s Aria from Elmer Gantry by Robert Aldridge
Micaela Aldridge, Mezzo-soprano

So Many Memories from Notes on Viardot by Michael Ching
Emily Gallagher, Soprano

The Waking Father, Thrush, and Holy Thursday from Muldoon Songs by Daron Hagen
Trevor Martin, Baritone

Oedipus’ Prayer to the Furies from Outcast at the Gate by Joel Feigin
Allen Richardson, Bass

Carne Barata from Hometown to the World by Laura Kaminsky, Kelly Guerra, Mezzo-soprano

Beyond All Price from The Scarlet Letter by Lori Laitman, Sara LeMesh, Soprano

The Martyr from Partway to Freedom by Cynthia Cozette Lee, Wil Kellerman, Baritone

Where Is the Son I Never Knew? from Volpone by John Musto, AddieRose Brown, Mezzo-soprano

In Cold Blood by Mikel Rouse from Failing Kansas by Mikel Rouse, Olivia Currier, Mezzo-soprano

Masha’s Aria from Three Sisters by Andrew Rudin, Anna Laurenzo, Mezzo-soprano

Amir Farid, Piano

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